4 Topmost Emotional Needs of A Woman

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“Never try to understand a woman” were the last words he uttered to his son before he boarded the train. That was the last time he would set eyes on his dad, and as young, as he was he kept to the words of his dad and never even made an effort to know the true needs of a woman. His father on the other hand of course wasn’t successful with his marriage so you could most definitely predict what would be of the son if he sticks to that advice.

Contrary to societal belief, the woman is not as complicated as we think she is. I believe both sexes are complicated in one way or the other. Women don’t understand why all men want is just sex and men don’t understand why all women want is just to talk. Conflict of the sexes. There’s no promise of you being able to solve all your issues with this article, however, it will make you better in dealing with women.

If you’ve heard this from a lady “you don’t call to check up on me”, and then the male brain goes like “really I thought we spoke the day before yesterday”. The female brain is wired to receive care, and she never gets enough of it. She needs to be showered with care and attention, questions like how was your day, how are you feeling, what’s wrong you don’t look happy, how was work, all go a long way to show how much you care about her wellbeing and also daily activities. Women want men who listen not just hear, because they solve most of their problems through communication. That is how they bond by sharing their problems which men always make the mistake of trying to fix and their joys. Affection also encompasses not forgetting her birthdays, anniversary, and some important days in her life, getting her some flowers occasionally and some words of love and appreciation always increase affection as a companion.

A companion is a person or animal with whom one spends a lot of time or with whom one travels. As you can see a woman needs someone she can spend a lot of time with, you see this with women always in need of contact with their loved ones. Women need someone who’s ready to listen to her and a shoulder she can rest and cry on when life gets hard for her. She needs someone who is not only in for sex but is ready to stay through even after she gives you sex. Someone who’s willing to go out with her and enjoy life as well as give her regular checkup calls. A woman wants someone she can sit down with to crack jokes and tease each other. She needs to know that you care and love to be around her. Most women will keep men as friends initially before they move on to lovers. Their goal is to see how committed a man is. That takes us to the next need.

The woman is most vulnerable when she’s pregnant, so women are very careful when selecting men, they copulate with. A woman after giving birth takes close to 10–15 years to nurture and raise a child until s/he’s fit to fend for him/herself, during all these years she needs the support of the man, so if the man is not committed it creates a lot of problems for the woman. Most women believe men lack commitment, or they fear commitment. That is definitely true because if you look at the number of single mothers, it goes to show you how uncommitted men can be. That is why society is doing everything to make sure that men don’t just deposit their sperms and jilt women. I call those men irresponsible men, the main reason why society is filled with problems. Women want men who will stay through the thick and thin, in order to help in raising the children. They need men to be committed in order to provide them with security until all the children are raised to the point where they can live on their own.

The 21st-century woman tries to behave as though she has no need for security from any man. That we all know is a blatant lie, women need men who can provide security, the sense that he can provide for her needs both physically and financially. A man should have his own shelter and be able to provide food and protection for the woman. That is why well to do men always attract women, it is hardwired in their brains to go for men who can provide for them and their unborn children. They also need strongmen, in ancient times animals could at any time run into caves and women were at risk. Strong men were needed to drive these animals away and to also protect their families in case there’s an attack from their tribal enemies.

So as men it is important that you know the topmost emotional needs of the woman. Now you see women are not as complicated as they are made to be. Just fill their needs and they will most definitely fill your needs too.

I hope you found this helpful you can check out the 4 topmost emotional needs of a man.



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