All you need to know as a fresh year student in Ghana - Part 1

Ever heard of the word expectation, defined by the google dictionary as the “strong belief that something will happen or be the case”. In high School we had all this wonderful and soothing expectations of how tertiary should be. Only to step foot on campus to find that some of our overly targeted expectations are in shuttered disarray. However, as time goes on we get acclimatized with the environment. Nevertheless, to reduce the level of frustration and walking up and down campus like a headless chicken, explore these suggestions to make your start less of a hell.

1. Get to know a continuing student.

Knowing a continuing student in the university you are about to enroll in helps to reduce your ignorance. They can give you a one or two tips as to how you can navigate around the school and some basic things you need to know. Less I forget a “continuing student” is someone still in school. Now getting to know this continuing student can sometimes be difficult especially those from the remote origins. I would suggest you using Netwinker to help you get connected to the students in your school before you even get there. It is a platform that makes it easy to find other students in and out of your school. You can get it from both android and apple store. As at this writing the web platform was ready, phone applications might be ready anytime soon. Check it out.

2. Secure your accommodation as soon as possible.

Accommodation as we know in our Ghanaian and African universities has always been a hurdle. Since most students fail to get the already scanty rooms available. For the little knowledge I know of the Ghana premier university (University of Ghana), you have to be available at the proposed time of the website opening and you had better have a strong network connection. Otherwise you know it, you might end up trekking to and fro school and home or “perching” as popularly known on campus. For those going to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology you have the in-out-out-in system. So you’re safe. First in means the school provides you with a room, out means you get your own room then another out and then in again. It’s kind of fun just tossing people around with their in and out stuff. The other public universities would surely have their systems. Get in touch with your choice of school and get the information beforehand concerning your accommodation.

Netwinker also comes in handy here, since you get to know that information from the continuing students on the platform. In case it’s not yet available do well to check again.

3. Learn to cook.

Since you might not be buying food all your life on campus, learning how to cook before you step foot onto the university makes it better. You don’t want to entrust the safety of your stomach to your canteen and market all the time. Cooking your own food is not only healthy but also less costly. You get to save some money. I can still recollect back in level 100 when I was at my friend’s hall waiting for him to get ready so we go for lectures. He suggested we eat beans ( gorb3 ) our favorite after class, so we had to plug the rice cooker in and then come back after class with our beans ready. Since beans took long to cook, we were good to go with some plantain we fried and red oil hmmm. Nevertheless, cooking your own food looks sexy you know what I mean the boys.

To be continued …



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